iRacing Account NameOval iRatingPreferred Car NumberSecond Choice Car NumberThird Choice Car NumberTeam NameSponsor 1Sponsor 2Sponsor 3Additional SponsorsiRacing AchievementsTwitter Handle
Garrett Manes93261212Elliott Sadler EsportsTBAMCU BodyLennox2022 Daytona 24 Top Split GT3 Winner
2021-2022 eNascar Coca-Cola iRacing Series Driver
2019-2021 IRX World Championship Driver
Casey Kirwan85009514195XSetXSet2-time coke Series race winner, 2021 Podium 500 champ@CaseyKirwan23
Donovan Strauss8300202226TBDTBDTBDTBDTBD6x eNASCAR Road to Pro Winner, 2021 eNASCAR Road to Pro Champion, 2x eNASCAR Contender Series Winner, along with 2nd in points in the 2021 season. 2022 eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series Driver@dstrauss51
Dylan Ault8117404257RTP Qualifying Series winner at Watkins Glen. 2 in a row in the Contender Series at Dover and Darlington. The Fake 500 winner.@dylanault42
Anthony Burroughs7663622926Legacy eSportsLegacy eSports2021 eNASCAR Coca-Cola Series driver, Contender Series driver in 2020 and 2021@aburroughs62
Daniel Faulkingham7552393039Norse Force Racing1st Rate BaitLobster207SRD SetupsPodium Elite Series Runner Up@dan_faulkingham
Vicente Salas753319149Legacy EsportstbatbatbatbaKarting National Champion, eNascar DWC Winner, iRX DWC Winner@vicente_salas14
Kenny Brady750054569Charge RacingPremier Racing SetupsMartin SportsCharge Racing2021 eNASCAR RTP Round 2 Competitor
2021 Inaugural FTF 500: 2nd
2020 Podium Esports 500: 4th
2018 eNASCAR Ignite Series Finale: 3rd
Michael Guest740095474Jim Beaver eSportsTBDeNASCAR Driver 2018-Current for Jim Beaver eSports
4x Daytona 500 NiS Top Split Wins
2017 Sim500 Joe Gibbs Off-Season Action Series Champion
Zack Novak730059015RISE eSportsTBDTBDTBDTBD2019 eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series Champion
2018 eNASCAR Ignite Series Champion
Jesse Atchison7103281469Nexxus eSports– 2010 and 2011 eNASCAR Coke Series Driver
– 192 official plate track wins
– 70 hard charger awards in official races
– Once beat David L. Brown in a Legends 87 race at Talladega
Liam Brotherton708220222Elliott Sadler eSportsNext Level RacingLeaf FilterLeaf HomeKaulig Companies2022 iRacing Coca Cola Series Rookie | 2021 UNCC Marketing Graduate Magna Cum Laude | 2020 & 2021 Podium 500 ParticipantNA
Michael Cosey Jr702999077Logitech G Altus EsportsVRSLogitech@
Landon Huffman7000753739Total AdvantageGlytch Coke series driver.@LandonHuffman
Justin Lisonbee6999317633N/AcarmaspeedJDR Graphics2020 RTP Race Winner
Achieved 7,000+ iRating
Will Cooley69000250Lockdown RacingSim SeatsSparcoTBD2017 eNascar driver
2019 Pro Series Driver
2020 Podium 500 2nd Place Finisher
Impeccable taste for great beer.
Look great in tank tops.
Briar LaPradd6860881935LockDown RacingLedford Billiard SupplyMaconi Setup Shop2022 eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series Driver
2021 eNASCAR RtP R2 Homestead Miami Winner
2021 eNASCAR Contender Series Driver
Justin Knoblock67001594Deadzone RacingDeadzone Racing@J_Knoblock
Garrett Konrath67009999Nexxus eSportsWinner of 2021 ERA Winter Bowl. 2021 RTP round 2 contender.@GarrettKonrath9
Magnum Tate66425595Brinkley Heafner RacingBrinkley Heafner RacingSplash ‘n Go Graphix@magtate5
Conor Horn662167542Smith Sim RacingVirtual Racing LeagueSmith Sim RacingMade 2021 LCQC finals, made round 2 of RTP, finished 33rd in standings, won a fixed Indy 500 in 2020, Virtual Racing League champion, Outsiders Racing League champion, top 10 in 2021 Firecracker 200.@horn_conor
Michael Rosero6593233252JRS RacingJRS RacingMaddawg Racing DesignsProximity Racing@MichaelRosero23
Tyler Garey658326268Norse Force RacingSRDsetups.com2021 FTF Cup Series Champion, 2021 Season 4 RODDCAR Champion, 2020 NIS Daytona 500 champion (2nd split)@TGarey26
Blaze Crawford655044456Elliot Sadler EsportsElliot Sadler EsportsN/A@blazecrawford4
Trey Eidson6500252120Aftermath Motorsports2020 Sim500 Cup Champ. 2019/2020 Sim500 Truck Champ.

For old timers that have sim raced awhile, I won the 2006 Online 500 which was a similar tournament style race as the Podium 500.
Shawn M. Butler640832351DeadZone RacingWheeler Motorsports ConsultingTotal Advantage MotorsportWindshield DeepTwo-time eNASCAR Road to Pro iRacing Series winner.@iBeButlerr
Jimmy Mullis6400464027Rise eSports / Lockdown RacingSunoco RacingLogitechMaconi Setup ShopSim Seats, JDR Graphics5 time eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series Winner
2021 eNASCAR All Star Winner
eRacr Hard To Drive 300 Winner
eRacr Carnomaly 500 Winner
2020 Runner Up in the Podium eSports 500
Podium eSports All Star Champion
Justin Levine6369331929Frontline EsportsRaysir ApparelAbruzzi Race Wear2X Daytona 500 Top Split Wins

4th Place in the 2018 Podium 500
Austin G Johnson6349215451The TEAMJohnson GraphicsUnattachedThe TEAM@austin48johnson
Blake McCandless630016621115MoonsportMOONCAR@MrF4Speed
Jason Manes6247247Elliott Sadler EsportsElliott Sadler EsportsLennox IndustriesBradley Mechanical@JasonManes1
Brandon Hauff620199523Kligerman Sport Dev. TeamValvolineERacrFormer Coke Series driver (2014), 2021 Front row starter for Podium 500@bhauff_549
Kevin Champagne617594991Champagne Racing@
Carson Bowers6080422651NEXXUS eSportsNEXXUS eSportsSplash N’Go GraphicsNIS Top Split Daytona 500 Runner Up@CarsonJBowers
Brenden John Koehler60503677Elliott Sadler eSportsPhoenix DesignsNext Level RacingLeafFiltereNASCAR Road to Pro iRacing Series Round 2 Driver@Bdawgdriver36
Justin Yee26044646660Skeet Fleet EnterprisesAether Inhalers1st Place Arca Overall Championship 2021S4N/A
Seth Noell60191979Nexxus EsportsNexxus Esports2021 2x Indy 500 Mickey Mouse Split Winner

Nis Open Wins:
Nov 1, 2019 – Texas
July 10, 2020 – Kentucky

RTP Wins:
April 2, 2019 – Martinsville – 4th Split
Top 70 RTP 2021
Liam D Sheen601492702The TEAMJDR GraphicsJCONCEPTS@lsheen002
Seth Reiter600721131Elliott Sadler eSportsNext Level RacingHAR Towing and TransportTop Hand FoundationPresident and Team Manager of Elliott Sadler eSports. 4-time RTP race winning crew chief. 3-time RTP race winning setup builder (road courses).@sethredreiter
Max R Brady600057512Lowline RacingLowline RacingWon a RTP Race in 2020
Made Round 2 of the Road To Pro series in 2021 and finished 35th in points
Connor Anton59304484SRA MotorsportsSim Racing Authority@
Chris Wilhite59007247HighSide MotorsportsBumper Thumper2021 Indy 500 Race Winner
2021 NiS 3rd place overall season points
Cincinnati, OH
Elliot Parlett585214124@
Anthony Alfredo5800233315LockDown RacingProceller8Dude WipesXSET GamingMPI, Sparco, Sim Seats Driving SimulatorseNASCAR Pro Invitational Series winner, back-to-back Monday Night Racing League regular season champion, top 5 in 2020 Podium 500@anthonyalfredo
Collin Fern5800866869Brandonbilt MotorsportsTBATBABrandonbilt MotorsportsTBANone@collinmfern
Aaron Smith II579870987Satellite Racing TeamVirtual Racing SchoolDirect Force ProEllis EngineeringSim Ink, Moradness, IMB Racewear2018 Season 4 official Division 1 ARCA champion@asmithracing
Tryphon Davis5765962442-2021 OSRL Slipstream Signs Premiere Series Season 2 Champion

-2020 iRacing Daytona 500 – P2, Split 3

-2019 Verizon Indycar Series – P6 Overall, P2 Division 2

-2019 Roar Before the 24 – P1, Split 3 – Ford Mustang

-2018 iRacing Lemans 24 Hours – P3, Split 2 – Strakka Simracing – LMP2

-2018 K&N Series Season 2 Division 2 Champion
Anthony Emery5727924448Sim Racing AuthorityTBD@
Logan Helton57006398Nexxus eSportsNexxus eSportsSplash And Go Graphics3rd in 2021 Podium 500, 3rd in 2021 eRacr Firecracker 200, 11th in 2021 eRacr Carnomoly 500.@LHelton_63
Alastair Topley5671411424Rogue RacingOriginal Iracing Member since 2008, held most race wins in the UK for a while. Missed out on a Firecracker 400 place in 2021 by 0.01 secs 🤣. Mainly race in real life on ovals and road courses and am a 2x European & 3x British Champion in Baby Grands & Rebels (Legend Cars)@rebelracer41
Nate S Stewart56004444Lowline RacingApex Action Racing PhotographySpeedVisionsDigital ChumpsRexford Engineering, Mighty Mack Visual Media3x eNASCAR Road to Pro Qualifying Series winner, 1x FTF GNS Series winner, 2021 eNASCAR Road to Pro Qualifying Series Round 2 Competitor, 2022 eNASCAR Road to Pro Driver@doit4dael
Ryan Hill5586555555SMITH Sim RacingHillco DisposalSMITH Sim RacingChevrolet2x Daytona 24 Champion
Dylan Brockwell Memorial 500 Winner
RTP Round 2 Appearance
Adam Cabot556517777Cabot eSportsTBDTBDTBDTBD2021 eSports Racing League Champion, current Monday Night Racing driver.@ACabot88
Chandler Parsons5454722773@chnler
Colton Harvey543412892021 Top Split Daytona 500 Winner@
Reece Baham5432137Lowline Racing2019 eNascar Ignite Series Finalist (Finished p12 overall)

2 NiS Open wins at Texas (SoFs: 3398, 4209)

Competed in the feature race of the eTruck Series Night in America at Atlanta in March 2020 (Finished p26)
Alexander Goitom5404777won the 2021 12 Hrs of Sebring@
John Theodore5391278884A51 ProAnyKey.orgPodium eSportsA Red CircleMartin Sports, iRacing iFlag, Reaper SpeedlabsWinner of the first ever Podium eSports multiclass oval race
Top 5 in NASCAR Legends last 3 seasons, currently leading points this season
6th Overall in 2021 Winter Series
60 official oval iRacing wins
Ralph A. Hutchison5387511554LockDown RacingDeath Wish CoffeeSparcoSim SeatsMaconi Setup Shop, DUDE Wipes, MPI Innovations, Anthony Alfredo Racing2x NiS Open Top Split Winner (Bristol Dirt 2021, Texas 2021)

2x MSRA Premier Series Winner (Darlington 2021, Road America 2021)
Bobby Cheney538324995SRA MotorsportsSim Racing Authority@
Zach Carr5333272628Carr Racing DesignsI run in the “Below the double yellow cup series” i also won the 2021 season 1 Outsiders Racing League Championship.@ZacharyCarr_27
Brandon Coppinger531760699960 Minute Man RacingI just race.@Copizzle
Alek Martinez5309185120Peak Performance MotorsportsSP DesignsPeak Performance MotorsportsPrecision + Racing SetupsVSPEEDnot much@AlekMartinez18
Presley Sorah5300989589Crypto AutosportClub JerkyMaconi Setup ShopMartin Sports2019 eNASCAR Ignite Series championship finalist. 2020 iRacing Indianapolis 500 winner, 2021 iRacing NiS Daytona 500 winner, 2021 Podium 500 8th place finisher. Competitor in Anthony Alfredo’s ESports Racing League (ERL), competitor in Monday Night Racing League Road to Glory Series.@PresleyRacing
Justin Champagne5296382399Champagne RacingChampagne RacingOSRL Season 1 Champion, Mooncar winner, multiple A class wins.@champagneracin
Noah Bitz5284873199Frontline eSportsFrontline eSportsAbruzzi racewear2021 season 3 ARCA division 1 / overall champion.@
Kaiden Anderson527837731Harvest Chevrolet@kaidenandersonn
Spencer E Burns5200666eRacr LCQC Daytona winner, Sim Racing since I was 10 in 2010, iRacing 13 since 2013. 2021 Road to Pro Round 2. 6 top 5s in 2021 Road to Pro@burnzy006
Troy Sabott518802214noneCapwoogie (my twitch)Z09 Photography5800 sof win, made the California Clash, 265 oval wins@Captain_Woogie
Alex Kolonics51722222212Guardian EsportsGuardian DesignsRazeAbruzzi2 Time Winstel 400/I’ve Got Ballz 400 Polesitter (2021 & 2022)

8th Place in 2021 FTF Cup series season end points
Ben Herter51438988BHRChevroletAxaltaSnap On@
Channing Ballew2514288926N/AReaper SpeedlabWinner of the NRT 500 2013@channingballew2
Dylan L. Parker5128367Peak Performance MotorsportsPrecision+ Race SetupsGlytch EnergyStarted an iRacing team, won Bristol Dirt NIS, made ignite playoffs@Big3DP
Cosmin Ioanesiu511984245Speed Inc.tbdtbdtbdSorry, we signed up at the wrong one. This is the correct one!@Cosmin_Ioanesiu
Malik Ray5032175Deadzone RacingElectricSignal Snowboards6x Coca Cola 600 winner
Rumble at Richmond winner
Podium southern 500 winner
Tyrrell Baker5016252524TeamTCBThe most wins in a c fixed talladega week all time with 15 wins (season 2 2020)
2020 talladega spring Nis winner top split
2020 martinsville fall NIS winner top split
2020 Norctona 500 winner
Kyle Trudell50117275Xtreme Performance MotorsportsWinner Indianapolis 500, P3 Firecracker 200 Qualifying, Winner RSR Sim Seats Cup Series ALLSTAR Race 2021, competitor in RSR Sim Speed Shop Winter Series / Cup Series@KcTrudell
Daniel E Eberhardt50009099TheTEAMSK Sim RacingWINNER OF THE 2020 Podium 500@upfrontgaming90
Storm Patterson50006638Nebula eSportsFort Worth Screen PrintingNebula eSportsLandon Milz DesignsERA 2020 ERA Cup Winter Series Heat Winner@StormPatterson6
Tom Mercier5000688978Mercier eSports@
Logan Sheets4981588559LockDown RacingLockDown RacingChampionship Crew Chief for Zack Novak in the 2019 ENASCAR Coke Series Championship.

2014 Winner of the Top Split iRacing Daytona 500

WR Q time in the Gen 6 Ford Fusion at Daytona and Talladega.
Craig Janczak497240474Oval Sim PerformanceElite Performance IndustriesThe Free Beer and Hot Wings Show@cczakjan
Chris Rabel49612935Keepin it Real EsportsCentury CommunitiesSouthern Creek ClothingMarra Racing NetworkHigh Bank Podcast, Majors Garage, Elwood Designs2018 runner up C Open Season 1
Full time RSR Cup Series driver
Nathan Rabideau4939939690Nexxus eSportsNexxus eSportsSplash N Go GraphicsGio’s Homemade CraftsCJ BurnettTwo-time racer in eRacr Firecracker 200, 2021 FTF Grand National Series Runner-Up

iRacing RTP winning spotter
Christopher Robertson4891426989@Hot_wheels42
Nick Olsen486024525eRacreRacrRoad To Pro winner, Monday Night Racing: Road to Glory winner@NickOlsen_
David W Robertson4822464749Lowline Racing@daverdfw
Michael Sturgill481339055Ascari AutosportAscari AutosportCSDesignsWinner of the 2021 EPM Omega Cup Spring Bowl @ Daytona@
Garrett Keyt480788810Peak Performance MotorsportsPeak Performance MotorsportsPrecision + Race SetupsGLYTCH EnergyI once won C-fixed at 4 am.@GarrettKeyt
Jake Fisher4804844311Winner 2021 eRacr Firecracker 200@jf_ish
Chris Bass24772977972EPI Powered by Team ContiRed Eye DesignsLKN K-92021 24 Hours of Daytona GTD Class winner.

2021 14th in overall points NiS Fixed

2021 Inaugural Bristol Dirt Race Winner NiS Fixed
Leighton B Sibille4769424323Petty GMSChevy AccessoriesPetty GMSGMS Fabrication2021 iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona GTE Class Winner@LSDesignsPR
Noel Fougere4723361924@noelfoug111
Zach Hudson46812212286Nexxus eSportsNexxus eSportsnothingnothingnothingno@Zhudson2286
Raymond Ritenour II4664877830Lucky Dawgs RacingLucky Dogs Doggie Daycarefanatec podium seriesJust out to have fun@
Kendall Carpenter4664142218@
Max ML Lange46196626HPiRE DF1-RacingKartbahn JenaABR KartsportTreewide@
Chadd Oxendine4600776629@
Mike Knight4558688675Smith Sim Racing@
Jared Wishon454996276Elite MotorsportsDiecastFansCircleBDiecastElite Designs2021 Daytona 24 Winner, 2020 Bathurst 12 Winner, 3x League Champion.@JWishon22
Dylan C Jones4500111398The TeamSK SimRacingThe Team2016 Iracing Coke Series Competitor@dil_pickles11
Nicholas Sacco4500292081SMITH Sim RacingOrgantickThe Buddy ProjectOld Farm ComputersOnly use voice chat for race talk@
Francisco Villarreal24483241048St. Louis LeviathansSt. Louis LeviathansBangHyper XVertagearMostly Run trucks, xfinity, and next gen and run for a League called MDOT.@FjvGaming
Heath Snider446332998Frontline eSportsAbruzzi Racewear@gfsnider88
Jordan Koontz446199275Proximity RacingAbruzzi Racewear USAI run a lot of NASCAR leagues and I am a 2 time champion in the Extreme Racing Cup Series@jordankoontz99
Cole Woody4424178974Nova SimRacingNovaBelfor Property Restoration2x NIS Daytona 500 Winner, 3x NIS Coke 600 winner, over 400 wins.@colewoody89
Michael LeMieux4407408012Whiteriver eSportsWhiteriver LLCApex GraphicsLong time sim racer since NASCAR Racing 2002. IRacing member since 2009 and league only since 2012. Multiple season points championships across multiple leagues and cars, including trucks, late models, cup cars and ARCA. Current driver at Precision Racing League.@
Bridger Olson440025259Nexxus eSports2020 Bundren Lawn Care 200 winner
2021 IRES Superspeedway runner-up
Zack Lindgren4382858552Elite MotorsportsHMS MotorsportRaceComDiecastFans2021 Daytona 24 Winner, 2018 Le Mans 24 Winner, Sebring 6 Hour Winner, Bathurst 12 Winner@lilman0215
Kenny Kibbey434214434Nocturnal GamingNocturnal GamingSplit winner of 2020 Daytona 24 Hour, Split winner of 2019 Bathurst 12 Hour@NG_Kibbs
Devin Smrekar4337269888Foreveralone MotorsportsPremier Racing SetupsAppalachian Adventure GroupCarbon Racing Solutions@dsmrekar26
Hunter Geoghegan4306444140Double G MotorsportsMyNervaMusicMizukicreatesWinner of the 2021 Sim Racers 4 Mental Health 500@GunterTheeGreat
Brett Punkari4293351964Bluegoose Racing2015 Truck Series Champion, Finished 5th in FTF GNS Series Points,@Bluegooseracing
Rajah Caruth425113644Deadzone RacingMax Siegel IncEvents DCDTLRMarket Rebellion Crypto, Sunoco, Chevrolet3x Monday Night Racing winner, inaugural Ignite Series championship round driver@rajahcaruth_
Jack M Mace424377050JRS RacingJRS Racing@jackmace07
Tyler Kruep419216196Nexxus eSportsExcel Bottling Company/Ski SodaThe Fantasy Sport SiteNexxus eSports2nd Overall in my split of 2021 4 Hours of Charlotte (raced solo).
Regular in Official Class A Fixed Cup Series.
Colton Zimmer4165999Elite Performance IndustriesElite Performance IndustriesZ09 Hicks Driving Experience5th in the 2021 Retro 500. 3rd in the 2021 Glenn Robey memorial.@ColtonZ09
Frank DeAngelis4142699687PTSRiRTP round 2 Driver@nascar48fd
Colby Baber4139101511
Gilles Chatelain41211723236Angry Pelicans RacingAngry PelicansChampion IFRN Access Series (French iracing Nascar league)@gillouchtl1
Wade Poole411183240@
Rocky Boyd III4100162555JRS RacinhBoyd’s AutomotiveGulf Coast Electrical MotorsCooled By BoydJRS RacingNIS Daytona 500 Winner@RockyBoyd16
Lake Peterson40819999Skeet Fleet EnterprisesLeague Accomplishments

Northwest Series League

9 Time Cup Series Winner

iRacing Official Series Accomplishments

23 Career Oval Wins

Charlotte Motor Speedway – 4 Wins
Phoenix Raceway – 3 Wins
Richmond Raceway – 2 Wins
Dover International Speedway – 2 Wins
Iowa Speedway – 2 Wins
USA International Speedway – 2 Wins
Kansas Speedway – 1 Win
Chicagoland Speedway – 1 Win
Talladega Superspeedway – 1 Win
Martinsville Speedway – 1 Win
Watkins Glen International – 1 Win
North Wilkesboro Speedway – 1 Win
Myrtle Beach Speedway – 1 Win
IRacing Superspeedway – 1 Win
Jared Darling40611144@J_Darling221
Joey Masiewicz404864666Maconi Setup ShopDoki Doki Literature ClubMaconi Setup ShopMartin Sports@sea1monkey2
Ray ROGERS403251182Last Chance RacingNoneNoneNoneNoneNot at the moment@Ray Rogers51
Michael Meredith24006449449Meredith eMotorsportsMeredith Marine Construction1 NIS win@
Gary Sexton400013017Battle BeaverBattle Beaver CustomsBoostedPodiumPodium Managing Member, Monday Night Racing Driver, 3 time Daytona 24hr winner. 2 overall wins and one GTE win.@dirty_air13
Jaron Hazen39914099Elite Motorsports15th place prelim finish in the iracing dirt gobbler at volusia.@HazenJaron
Caolan Martin3965326437Alpinestars Geodesic RacingAlpinestarsGo-ProGSIWave Italy, Omologato24hr of Le Mans 2020 Winner Friday Top Split
Podium eSports Street Stock 2019 – 3rd Place
Eric Stanford392819514abruzzisk sim racing@
Will Cannon389088413Frontline EsportsAbruzziCoke 600 winner
Daytona 24 winner
Roar before 24 winner
Hayes Booth38802511Walter EsportsBob Boyte HondaIceman DesignsJC GraphicsWalter EsportsLeading the 24 hours of Spa and the 6 hours of the Glen@HBooth2511
Clint Spillman387088887Clint8813 RacingTpacch Designs2 time winner in SXRL.
1 time winner in SARG.
Made the iRacing top ten videos 2 times and the not top ten videos 1 time.
Posted on iRacing’s official pages 3 times.
Rence Brown3866693022RTF RacingThrustmasterSplash N’ Go Graphics– 2021 iRacing Indy 500 Fixed winner
– 2021 iRacing 24 Hour Nordschleife winner
– 2021 Season 4 305 Sprint Car Champion
– 2019 Petite Le Mans Winner (GT3)
– 2020 Solo Run Daytona 24 Hour
– 2018 Solo Run Le Mans 24 Hour
– 340+ oval wins
– 100+ wins & 1000+ oval starts in 2021
– 15 years of sim racing experience
Gavin Jones3841909192Pineapples Don’t Go On Pizzanone yet@nascargavin8
Allen Wilson III3805798314HighSide MotorsportsRace Tools Direct.comBumper Thumper Traction CompoundPrevious NiS winner
Jeffrey Maconi377931676Maconi Setup ShopMaconi Setup Shop LLCMartin SportsPodium eSportsiRacingiFlag, Nerditudes, WSMN BroadcastingFounder/President of Maconi Setup Shop LLC, Official Setup Shop of Richmond Raceway eSports@maconisetupshop and @jeffmaconi
Jason Rajcok3772719451Shadow RacingUnboundPearce Graphics2021 NiS Daytona 500 winner (open setup)
2021 NiS Talladega winner
Ricky Hardin377171521Unacceptable RacingCarolina Sim Shop Place Qualifier and Finisher in the 2020 Podium 500.
2 time Mooncar Winner
1 time Winner in Podium eSports Elite Series Gold Division
Trey Normile3770858026Team RawGatorRawGatorWinner of CORE Daytona 250 in Season 3@RawGatorYT
Garrett Brown33747161012HotShoe RacingMPI Cup Series Season 1 Champion@the_gbrown
Kenny Powell37202479Gas & Go RacingISCA – i-Racing Stock Car AssociationPremier Racing SetupsButtKickerTucson Sound ArtFounder of Gas & Go Racing,
Founder of ISCA – i-Racing Stock Car Association,
36 Career Wins, 10 at plate tracks
15 Different Tracks in all
Highest SOF win 3701 @ Iowa
Jeremy E Miller3708301317Harambone RacingBurnie LyticsCarr Racing DesignsHBRThey call me the plate goat.@J_Mill3048
Ross Cado370612776Fast Forward Esports@fast4wardracing
Seth Eggert3705576391Kickin’ the TiresDylan Friebel PhotographyTrack Talk PodcastWinner of the 2015 Daytona 500 5th Split, Podium Finish of the 2015 Indianapolis 500 Sunday Top Split.@SethEggert91
Thomas Miller133700133919TMK MotorsportsP2 in Mooncar 24 Hour@tmillzz99
DJ Stagner3667642494SP MotorsportsBaadteshopHigh Line Racing League Season 10 Premier Series Champion@Ncarracing64
Jeremy Stanley365044602NERD RacingMartin SportsNerditudesiRacingiFlagMaconi Setup Shop, BD Technology GroupClassified: Agent 003.14 nerdy spy stuff@321Swifty
Hayden Swank3644435404mCon eSportsOvertimeRaceday Safety3600 iracing. +50 official wins@haydenswank4
Mikey Neal364325888Luminescence ESports161 Totals win@
Braxton DeWeese36268153Reaper SpeedlabGP DiecastAllen’s Art ImagesReaper SpeedlabMidwest Weld Fabrications, Rapid Response, Jeff Schmitt Auto Group, CD Simtography, Nascar Tech, Blaze DesignsWinner of Coke 600 in 2019@BraxtonDRacing
Eric Papineau3603454337SGE eMotorsportsLibertyLive.ChurchTagare Property ManagementMeineke Care Care CenterSGE eMotorsports48 Oval wins, Inaugural American Sim Racing Club race winner and Season runner up.@
Austin Coop36035366FreelancerPodium EsportsAmerican Income LifeCRA 2016 Daytona 500 Winner
2017 NiS Daytona 500 Runner-up
Qualified for 2021 Podium 500
Randall Nichols3526511124NSRL After DarkElite Performance IndustriesWinner of 4 Hours at The Roval Benefiting MS Society@randytxhc
Carter Kundinger351622292Tabula Rasa eSports4 Time NiS Winner, that’s about it for Oval
24h Le Mans, 24h Spa, and 12h Sebring winner

Definitely, a road racer who spends his free time turning left.
James Morgan335004812133 2021 NASCAR IRacing Series wins@
David Phillips II348908984Uncle Jam’s Kids RacingFerndale RadioSecond place in points, Green Flag Cup Series season three. Won 2021 Watkins Glen Six Hour special event.@ByDavePhillips
Josh Kossek34802122Brinkley Heafner RacingJDR GraphicsSpotta Kosh Speedlab2021 Atlanta RTP Winner
Inaugural Short Track Showdown at Hickory Pole & Winner
2021 Chili Bowl winner & 2x Pole sitter
Cole Fralick3468152646CFM eSportsApex Action Racing PhotographyThe Rain Race PodcastRacingNationTVQualified top 88 in both the Carnomaly 500 and Firecracker 400 in 2021, SRCA SuperSpeedway champion as well as runner up in the Throwback series,
2020 winner of the RacingNationTV Save the Freedom 100 event.
Matt Taylor346088081eRACR Roval Series B-Class Champion. Top 10 in points in 2021 Lionheart Indycar Series and 2nd in points in 2021 Lionheart Retro Series.@LH_MTaylor
Brandon Paunetto34105536Walter eSportsBlueJimmie48Fan (My YouTube Channel Logo or Custom OC Art)Angry Birds 2 Creators (If not, JC Graphics or Elite Performance Industries)JC Grpahics (Others TBD)eRacr_gg Roval Series runner-up in championship and winner from New Hampshire before surgery

NR Night In America Race Jam Champion hosted by IDK Player on YouTube
@N/A (Discord: @BlueJimmie48Fan#2011)
Patrick Meuche23409462791Dangerous Goods RacingButtkickerMAC Hydraulic & LubricationAMP VirtualFlatspot Media, Edge Setup Shop2021 NIS Daytona 500 winner, Currently race full time in a 100% distance cup league, mostly run indycar stuff because its my favorite irl series.@flatspotdesigns
Dean Heldt33993232324Dean HeldtFanatecI just got back into the game, so nothing major just yet. I’ve won my fair share of top split races in A fixed, Indy C fixed, and IMSA.@deanosolo
David Grantham33736921Chuck: The Amazing Diabetic Alert Dog2021 Fixed Daytona 500 Champion
2021 eRACR Roval Racing Series C-Class 2x Winner, Class Champion
Finished 12th in 2021 Podium eSports’ Retro 500
Gary Eschen3340232323NSRL AFTER DARKCrazyTimes PubJRS (Johnson Racing Shocks)JordanNSRL after dark@
Andrew Lutz Jr331781880Winner of nis 2020 phoenix race@Lutz_Machine
Adam Martin3297878911N/An/a@adammart
Aron MacEachern3259162778@aron_maceachern
Shayne Wyatt3228717717Burnt Rubber MotorsportsTobyChristie.comThe Mohawk FoundationRich Mar FloristElite Preformance Industries, Shelby Park Marketing.Shelby Park Marketing iRacer
Signature E-Sports League Member
ESRA League Member
Chicagoland NiS Winner
Chris McLain32105515One up motorsportsPo man motorsportsApex5 kingsApex e series show down season 1 champion@
Chase L Pierce320817776Top Hat Comics/Stick Shifters Sim RacingMiningstoreFanatec@Chasetherace17
Rhett Nichols32071755555Looking for TeamLooking for a SponsorI have literally done nothing of note ever in my entire life.@
Josh Bonwell3200565755Josh Bonwell Racing IndustriesDent ProJBRITwo time OPEN 500 winner. SSCA ADPro 360 Challenger series champion.@
Matthew Dula3160179777NSRL RacingNorth South Racing LeagueBeat Dale Jr, Ryan Prosecco, TJ Majors and Tim Dugger in a recruitment race for their league (wasn’t invited to the league though).

NSRL 3rd place SS Season 3 and 4
NSRL 3rd Place ARCA season 3
Bradley G Wilson31375115151Shenandoah ShineShenandoah ShineSim Speed ShopTrack Time EntertainmentWhite Knuckle eSports, Elite Performance Industries, Abbe Racing eSports, Martin Sports, Wilson MotorsportsNasra Truck Champion, Full Throttle Cup Series Champion, Shenandoah Shine Cup and Super Late Model Champion@BradWilson51
Munatsi Major3117822611Flying ArrowsFlying ArrowsCurrently run in Sim Seats RealSimRacing Cup Series, split winner in 2021 Watkins Glen 6hrs endurance race.@
Jim Westerfield3106355327McCullough MotorsportsLeroy’s Auto Body82 oval official races
3 Nis wins
Josh Robbin30978132Iowa Corn Motorsports@jrobbin_3
Ryan White3081204060@
Josh Ball30806889Rebel RacingArrowMicrosoftPetro CanadaS4 Roddcar champion, P2 2020,2021 ITRL Premier series, P4 LMP 24hr Daytona 2022, Ascors prior winner.@
Alex Vecellio308002191Firelight eSportsRowdy’s Dippin’ Services@
Jon Garrett3079661136Fort Worth Screen eSportsFort Worth Screen PrintingTwitch Channel JonTGarrettAthens Screen PrintingHead KandyCurrently run multiple leagues – ITRL – Ghost Racing League – 2021 NextGen Cup Champion of Sidewinder League@jont66
Mark Mieczkowski3072181944Marko Favre Racing@
Travis Brown30681101Moonhead Racing VenturesMoonVisionMooncarAir SpankyI made Mooncar to make up for my lack of achievements@itsmoonhead
Travis Hoefler30662022122NSRL After Dark@
Jacob Bell30507777Jacob Bel RacingLodgebox DevelopmentsRick’s Hot SauceWax ElectricFinished 6th in 2020 Podium 500, 43rd to 8th in 2021 Podium 500 Heats before not being able to be available for Duels, Owner of AREA iRacing@TheJacobBell77
Brent Jones23026895175TCERTCA DesignsMrs. Goody’s Goodies2021B ELITE Racing Leagues Truck Series Playoff Participant@Jonesbrent570
Joey Stone30206524AdvancedGamer AdvantageNiS Winner Las Vegas (Second Split) Two time winner.@JoeyStone_8
Jalen Parker300123206Virtue MotorsportsNext Level SoftwashLiberty Racing League Champion
167 Official Ovals Wins
Justin Melillo30005385335Speed IncTraxion.GGFTF RacingUnlimited framing incENASCAR reporter
Monday night racing driver
FTF co owner
Clayton Davis2999996996NoneHustle Hard EnergyMaconi Setup Shop LLCAbruzzi Racewear USAMotoDog Creations, CDesignsBeen wrecked out of any important race I’ve participated in.@iWickedLive
Aaron Ramon2993364344@
Joey Staats2985135Inglorious Bastards eSportsREG CustomsInglorious Bastards eSportsNiS Brickyard 400 and NiS southern 500 winner in same season, back to back.@
Jamie Haynes2977533383Southern Canadian RacingXfinity and ARCA League Champion@jray349
Michael Smith Jr297585876@
Matthew G Baker29325265NBG MOTORSPORTSCOASTING THUNDER TVBaker and son constructionP2 in OMEGA WinterBowl 2021 at autoclub@
Nick Marra2914403223Marra MotorsportsMarra Racing Network2021 Real Sim Racing Clash Winner@nmarra24
Chad Mikosz290525247BIG EVIL Racing w/ Firelight eSportsBIG EVIL DesignsValvolineFirelight eSportsOwner/Lead designer at BIG EVIL Racing/BIG EVIL Designs, a source for iRacing painter’s needs! iRacing’s virtual COWBOY. Multiple race winner in the SP Designs Grand National Series & FUEL Premier Series. Finished Top-3 in multiple FTF 500 events throughout the years. Runner-Up in the 2010 DEI-500 event in NR2003. (I can send a more serious headshot if needed ;p)@chadmikosz25
Christopher Tate22900542151Grit MotorsportsGrit Marketing@CTRacing_
Skip Gandy2888204773SGE eSportsTagare CorporationLiberty LiveMeinekeMy team PPeM won 24 Hours of Daytona@
Trey Whitehead2842335225Sizemore MotorsportsThe Shirt GarageBlus Race Designs10x NASCAR iRacing Class C winner, 4x iRacing ARCA Menards winner, 3x Oval Street Stocks winner, 5x League Race Winner@Triple_Treyy
Alex Thurber2809771723Joe’s Basement Brew (fictional/logos designed by me)Joe’s Garage (fictional/logo designed by me)@thurberracing
Mike Witt2775262112Frito-Lay2020 NIS Darlington (Full Length OPEN)
2021 NIS Daytona (OPEN)
2021 NIS Charlotte (Full Length OPEN)
2021 NIS Atlanta (OPEN)
Brent McCoy2765902903 Wide eSportsMenardsKwik Trip3 Wide eSportsWinner of the first ever Podium eSports race (Street Stock @ Michigan). NiS Open Daytona 500 Winner.@
Phillip Bupp2725133494The ComebackAwful Announcing@phillipbupp
Maximilian Heilek27081212012HPiRE DF1-RacingNASCAR.HilftTreewide.deABR Kartsport28th place in the EuroNASCAR Esports Series (european equivalent of the NASCAR Pro Invitational Series with points awarded to the real life owner’s championship in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series)@Rainbowlion12
Chance Manning269554525Sequential SimsportArea 52 DesignsIt’s Okay UKMajors GarageMultiple League wins.@spaceslothx
Hunter Brittle268810197Dark Horse MotorsportsD. O. G. FabricationsHomeland EsportsDark Horse Motorsports6th place in Great Lakes Truck Series Season 4 (NASCAR Truck), currently participating in Filter Time eSpark Series (Xfinity car), Great Lakes Premier Series (NASCAR Xfinity), and Great Lakes Truck Series@BrittleHunter
Sean Boundy268434195Rebel RacingPlayDownWard.orgRebel RacingBest finish overall Daytona 24hr race: P2.
Truck series Champion 2014: @ NoBull Motorsport league
Cup series Champion 2021: @ Iron Thunder Racing League (ITRL)
Spencer Torrance2664559929Firelight eSportsFirelight eSportsBig Evil DesignsI have had a league top 5 in the standingsno twitter
Joseph Lester2637452354Propel Racing12x NIS Winner
Michigan (Open) 2020
Dover (Open) 2020
Southern 500 (Open) 2020
BRISTOL!!!!!!!!! (Open) 2020
Texas (Open) 2x 2020
Richmond Spring (Open) 2021
Talladega (Open) 2021
Dover (Open) 2021
Pocono (Open) 2021
Southern 500 (Open) 2021
Richmond Fall (Open) 2021
Alec Caron263381181381Firelight eSportsFirelight eSportsSector Six Apparel47 Official Oval Wins@A_MeatballSub
John Morris72625434241Tabula Rasa eSportsn/an/an/an/aAverage Racer 🙂@
Joseph Solivan2607124857Joseph SolivanAvid NASCAR enthusiast, just about my first year iracing anniversary, mostly runs nascar and arca, but dabbles in all motorsports@solivanjoseph46
Justin Winters256698852Elite performanceInvested brandOld skool diecastKinder performance groupHuffman designsBluegrass championship runner up , mutiple bluegrass iracing race winner , Sim-max series winner@justinwinters01
Guillaume HESNAULT25606837110FRA SCAR EsportAnteFameFRA SCARJoel Real Timing2021 i-FRN Access Fall Series champion@RacingBaguette
Tyler Pinsonneault2554881978Smith Sim RacingNANANANANis wins across almost every track@
Shawn Stevens2550277256Buck Wild RacingKey RealtyWow Video Tours@
Andrew Player254013618Team Player RacingMaconi Setup ShopNew Hampshire State Police Fallen Troopers Memorial2021 Season 2 Pro 2 & Pro 2 Lite Off Road Racing Series, Pro 2 Lite Class, Division 2, 2nd Place; Overall, 5th Place@Andrew_Player13
Wyatt Ruggiero2530278772Firelight eSportsBIG EVIL DesignsFirelight eSportsSector Six Apparel@TheDuckieKing
Chris Akers248342129Candy Shack MotorsportsReese’sGM GoodwrenchMaxSpeedTV@
Killian Brubaker248222858IndependentPalm City RoleplayPTSD AwarenessKillemSquadGaming BrandI currently have 19 wins on paved ovals on the service.@Killem_506
Brandon Key247621111Apex Sim RacingBattle BeaverBoostedDayz Gone By2 iRacing league championships, 4 NIS wins@bkeyyyyyy
David Elliott247342457Prime Time Motorsports@DavidElliott87
Bryan Baker32439358eWolf MotorsportsRacing 2 Reunite@
Chris Schubert2435668269@
Ryan Johnson24343838North South Racing LeagueWinner of Season 1,2 NSRL Arca Championship
Winner of Season 3 NSRL SS Championship
Winner of Season 1 NSRL SLM Championship
Winner of Season 1,2 SDRL Cup Championship
Winner of Season 5 SFR Championship
Brandon N Pearl243206125Shenandoah Shine RacingMartin SportsElite Performance IndustriesAbsolutely nothing.@WallMagnetBP
Denver Lee Tergesen243141444Mr. Xterior RacingMr. Xterior Pressure WashingTrucks, Next Gen and Dirt Street Stocks.@stillshippin
Lane Hosler2415611017Hosler RacingHosler Fence ConstructionBoostd TVOhio Sim Racing@LHosler610
Scott Warren22412761783Artificial Autosports, Inc.THIS IS WAR.Former NSRA Superspeedway Series Champion, 3-time RODDCA Superspeedway Series race winner@SMWSomatose
Jordan Coren236851831Coren MotorsportsTallarico DesignsQuickTime Motorsports MediaReaper Speedlabs Development Driver
2019 Season 1 Division 3 iRacing Super Late Model Series Championship
Dylan Hastings23678188RacePass Motorsports@
Phillip Martin23584646146Team DCDDante Curtis DesignsWeltmeyer EngineeringJ&G Hardwood FlooringKelly’s Custom EngravingFormer Racing For A Cause Trucks Champion season 1. Six time feature winner in the North South Racing League.@pmartin346
Kody Neagles2355669Skypoynt RacingZombie Cocks Slowpitch SoftballFriend Real Estate
Robert Hanratta233388837Burnt Rubber MotorsportsBurnt Rubber MediaRogue Energy@
Chris Shoemaker232442321HotShoe Racing@
Joshua Abbe23165557Shenandoah Shine RacingShenandoahshine.coElite Performance IndustriesMartin SportsQuest-Tech Precision, 789 Designs@Jabbe05
Brock Whitehead2312318220Oval Sim PerformanceBlus Racing Designs6x League race winner, X2 Win Street Stock, X1 Win Formula Vee , X1 Win Advanced Legends , X1 Win Gander Outdoors Trucks, X2 Win IRX VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE LITE , X2 Win Dirt Street Stock@
Austin Shoemaker323021462HotShoe RacingRockin’ Rev’s BBQ2 career wins and 2 straight playoff appearances in SimMax Cup Series Powered by MPI.@ashoe15
Mason Moriarty229962212Team TCB 2.0Kempton ExcavatingKutztown Family ChiropracticNWP 400 Winner@MayMayMort27
Nash Brambilla2299238797free agent 🙂@iNashcar87
Christian DeBoer2252565565Red Oval Enterprises@
Matthew Kent225031511219 Career Wins; 14 Career Poles; Avg Finish of 12th;@mk51baseball
Hunter Hayward2236482112Smoke incPlanBSales.com16 yr old racing driver, multiple league championships, 5 RTP wins@hunterhayward48
Thomas Johnson20222948778Highside MotorsportsBumper Thumper Traction CompoundHighside MotorsportsRun all NASCAR series and have multiple wins spread across them.@thomad_jpeg
Tyler King22272121126Beaver State RacingAmerican Touch UpNicole Briann PhotographyPeelz California Mandarins@TK12Racing
Matthew Moniak22202412499Maniac GamingElite Performance IndustriesCurrently run dirt legends, legends, and A Open.@
Dylan D. Thomas22073303Southern sim racingMike M DesignsYardbird enterprisesWoo tungsten@dylan_thomas883
Adam Thompson22007185793 Wide EsportsNIS Daytona 500 winner, 24 hour Daytona 500 Winner, won at Martinsville, Bristol, Richmond and several others.@atrain571
Nathan Deering219669555@
Jessie Whittington217994299Burnt Rubber MotorsportsBurnt Rubber MediaDaniel & Daniel MaintenanceRogue EnergyK9 Rouge Rescue, Minus 273Nothing… yet. Joined the sim October 2021@whittington_2469
Martin McDermid2138182848Sendit eSportsWon the 2021 24hrs of Spa, Currently P9 in the Winter iRacing Nascar Series… run a racing community & team.@dapheasant
Russell Bratka213211022Killer B Racing@russb11
Andrew Coody212492488Guardian eSportsGuardian DesignsRaze EnergyAbruzzi RacewearRODDCAR2021 NIS Open Daytona winner, 2 time RODDCAR winner, 2021 Season 3 A Fixed Champion Division 3, 10 time NIS open winner@andrewcoody
Christopher McCullough21085605McCullough MotorsportsJust a casual racer with not a lot of achievements. This will be a good race to start the list!@
Sean Kalist2101434221SK Sim Racingsksimgear.comAbruzzi Racewear USARaysir Apparel2020 RSR Truck Champion@SKSimRacing1
Joseph Mahar209746855645Degree RacingTBDWon Bristol in the Tuesday Night Racing Truck League. Season 1 Champion in the Tuesday Night Racing Truck League. Made the playoffs 3 seasons in a row on points. Sim Max Cup Series Driver with a career best finish of 3rd twice. I also beat Ryan Vargas in a full length race at Kansas in the next gen car.@josephmahar
Tyler Meeks208735283Champion power equipment@
Aaron Adcock22065172314Po Man MotorsportsPo man MotorsportsApex Sim Racing EquipmentPassons Specialized ServicesAPS Ice, One Inch Designs, Apex Sim Racing eSeries ShowdownJust your Average iRacer@AaronAdcock16
Jason Dinsmore2050626661Jason Dinsmore RacingLawn CareBlue Beetle ComicsLondon Pub Co.@
Brandon Zimmerman2050201276Apex Designs@BZ20
Chris Skala20471557Xtreme Sim RacersUnsponsored CurrentlyWon iRacing Indy 500 in 2017. Numerous Top 5’s in iRacing Daytona 500 including 4th last year.@Capttvir
Adam Liechty2041514620Harpoon DesignFlo RacingHarpoon Design@liechty_adam
Randall Cobb2028522511@
Ian Copperthite201295225Warhawk MotorsportsRetco TrailersXpress SignsSpring Valley Resorts@ForThoseThatPl1
Brian Kita2007669939Firelight eSportsSector Six ApparelFirelight eSportsBig Evil DesignsRowdy’s Dippin’ Services@brian_gendo
Dustin Shepard1998896988ZooFab RacingJ&G Hardwood FlooringZooFab GarageDante Curtis DesignsNorth South Racing League, Driving DJ network@
Steve Marteney1994777448 iRacing Oval wins and 2 Dirt Oval wins@stevemarteney
Justin Hendry1991855411Shooter LubeH P ConsultingP5 In an NIS Daytona 500@
Jason Cameron Jr1987211872Thx4trying EsportsCameron TruckingSoulescapeVintage Snake Restoration6 time NIS series winner in 2021.@
Joshua Styles1983891991Firelight eSportsFirelight eSportsBIG Evil DesignsSector Six ApparelI haven’t done anything truly monumental other than a few superspeedway wins within some leagues.@Avcracy
Brett Baldeck2198044494DirtyAirQueen City NewsMonday Night Racing Pro Series Driver@BrettBaldeck
Charles Felts198075775755Po’ Man Motorsports@
Gary Cronenwett19788888CMS MotorsportsH&M Transporting LLCCMS Motorsports180 Min iracing figure 8 Champion, over 60 wins across all platforms of race cars.@
Joe McAdory19703121222312 MotorsportsThrowback BrandOwner, Throwback Brand Cup Series
Run in Dark Horse IndyCar Series, Area 51 and Elite Racing Series
Tanner Long196564266Degen Ape RacingDegenerate Ape AcademyDegenerate Trash PandasMonoliff.SolI almost won the Apollo Racing Club Mini Indy 250 and by that I mean I finished second because 2 of the leaders crashed in turn 3 on the last lap@tannerl_64
Connor Barry19622228Jim Beaver eSportsCBR Performance ProductsGeneral TireVision WheelSim Racing Accomplishments:
2022 Jim Beaver eSports World Cup Champion
2021 iRacing Short Course Pro 2 Champion
2021 iRacing Short Course Vs. Filthy Club Winner
2021 Pro 4 VORRS Champion
2021 Pro 4 Filthy Club Champion
2021 CORSR Pro 4 3rd Place OA
2021 CORSR Pro 4 3rd Place OA
2021 Jim Beaver Esports Pro 2 Triple Crown 2nd OA
2021 Jim Beaver Esports Pro 4 Triple Crown 5th OA
2021 Jim Beaver Esports World Cup 3rd OA
2020 Jim Beaver Esports Crandon World Cup 4th OA
2020 Jim Beaver Esports World Cup 4th OA
Multiple Top 5 World Records in Pro 4/2
Paul Mulrain195055222Evilweeble RacingDE Designs@
Matt Marra1918233345Marra MotorsportsMarra Racing NetworkAfter the TurnsMember of RealSimRacing since 2020, P4 finish at Talladega fall 2020. Producer of After the Turns podcast with brother and teammate Nick Marra, the official podcast of Evan Posocco’s RealSimRacing league.@matthewmarra3
Dylan Hervatin1917474510Dylan Hervatin RacingSouthern Airways ExpressMokulele AirlinesCessnaI’ve ran a few races in the MSRA Premier Series on Podium. RTC/Flyby Cup Series win at Talladega. Backfire Sim Racing.@HervatinDylan
Luke Knupp19007777Shenandoah Shine RacingShenandoah ShineImpact RacegearMohawk FoundationReaper Speedlab, ultra wheels, Martin sports, rigid industries2x Jim Beaver off-road triple crown winner, IRX all stars Champion, Monday Might Racing RTG winner.@LukeKnupp77
Kenneth McCullough jr190033383McCullough MotorsportsRaced in the podium 500 the last 3 years.@
Nicholas Pressey18999494194Esthetase Custom Clothing DesignsFanfuel
Tim Schofield189212222MEI run in the IROC Challenge Series. Current season is running the Next Gen Camaro.@
Matthew Hibbs188924910Inglorious Bastards eSportsAutoMattTechRace the iRacing Indy 500, Daytona 500 X3 and Daytona 24 X2@AutoMattTech
Jim Vance188758838@
mitchell howell1873611420Warhawk MotorsportsRetco TrailersXpress SIGNSSpring Valley Resort@
Dustin Reeves2187166018HotShoe Racing@
Andrew Szanto18566556LNC RacingI race in multiple different series; Norse Force Racing, AREA, Rat Pack Racing, and iRacing Super Stock League.@NGTAwesome
David Dunwoody1856514628Black Magic Sim RacingBlack Magic DesignsBig Jims CookiesWoodys GarageNo Pass Media@AADunwoody
Brady Waggoner1853288278Firelight EsportsBig Evil DesignsFirelight EsportsSector Six ApparelAccomplished Legends Car Driver and Unpaid Spotter@ThatWildcard728
Issac Mock184771617Burnt Rubber MotorsportsMocked eSportsBurnt Rubber MediaBurnt Rubber MotorsportsCompetitor in Sim Max/MPI Cup Series@mckdesports
Tyler Rush21841277277Turtle Shells MotorsportsTurtle ShellsFrisky FeelsWolf ParkLoveable Critters1st ever Cheddars Croissant Clash Champion@TylerRush27
Devon Rogers180025378Reverly RacingDante Curtis designsDriving dj networkWeltmyer EngineeringSuperior Performance Motorsports2021 Ohio sim racing snowball derby winner.
Currently leading division 5 slm official points by 150
Runner up in 2020 elite racing Eldora truck race.
Many official wins through dirt and asphalt officials series
Kenneth Bishop179847143NERD RacingMartin SportsNerditudesiRacingiFlagMaconi Setup Shop, BD Technology GroupClassified: Agent 003.14 nerdy spy stuff@poshibynnekgame
Jeffery Mathis179081957Mathis RacingFive Star Realty Group LLCNSRL
Garth Snyder178438872Speed Cult Motorsports@
Cody Baldwin1767775024Tabula Rasa EsportsP1 in 2020 Coke 600, P3 in 2021 Petit Le Mans, P3 in 2021 Suzuka 10hr@
james jacobs2176671045@
Derrick W Watson1758821420Tabula Rasa eSportsTabula Rasa eSportsOwner of Tabula Rasa eSports, multiple time NIS winner at SuperSpeedways@TheDerrickWW
Douglas Rice1742351452Tabula Rasa eSports1 NIS win
24hr at Spa wining team (our split)
Co-founder of TRE (Tabula Rasa eSports)
100% iRacing content owner
Brian Ricker1741452744@
Chris Fowler1738202814Chris Fowler RacingDonate LifeCystic Fibrosis Foundation@fowlerracing75
Diego Villalobos1734438821GIP TECHNOLOGYGIP TECHNOLOGY@Diego67910
robert vormwald1726106712vormwald racingrlv home improvementsdan burhans truckingnik stock productionsRLV home improvementswinner 1st ever winner podium esports gold trucks Daytona winner@
Thomas Stewart51722644632North South Racing League@
Paul Newton1717278113Beaver State Racingpaulnewtondesign.comPeelz Mandarins3x winner in the Northwest Racing Series, truck series division
2x GT2 class winner in the Porsche Owners Club Sim Racing League
Vicente Guerrero21707148814JME RacingJM EquipmentWon $150 in a Dale Cup 250 Hosted League race.@
Dustin Logston1702545134NERD RacingMartin SportsNerditudesiRacingiFlagMaconi Setup Shop, BD Technology GroupClassified: Agent 003.14 nerdy spy stuff@DustinLogston
Tyler Brewer4170040444Great Lakes Sim RacingGLSRAdvanced Sim RacingNIS Daytona 500 winner@BrewerMoto
Jordan Clarke16957777Clarke Racing14 oval wins@jordanleeclarke
Adrian Moore1691155516Three16 RacingMichael Waltrip BrewingI once wrecked Garrett Smithley@BamaAdrian
Matthew Lathrop16915565554Lathrop RacingDirt VisionIracingP2 in 2022 Roar Before the 24@
Joseph Mitchell1676454556NERD RacingMartin SportsNerditudesiRacingiFlagMaconi Setup Shop, BD Technology GroupMultiple charity events. Participated in the iRacing Gateway Dirt Nationals. Multiple oval events including Stay Strong Pete 500.@Nerditudes
Jarod Forbes167473650McCullough Motorsports@
Charles Whitehead1670285139Oval Sim PerformanceD&J Automotive LLC@
Sean Rink21657711792SR MotorsportsMVP Momentum PodcastCondemned Customs@CrusadeSR
Jesse Womack1655142112North South Racing League@
Lucas Sylvester1641851931Virtue MotorsportsLiberty Racing League Team Champions 2021@RunTheEmpire
Chris Progar162801918TechHubTBDTBDTBDNoneYou know it. You love it. It’s the certified 00 moment!@
Curtis Hedden1625856773Dark moon motorsportsHedden garagesNfg fab@davincihedden
Toby RacingTobyChristie.com25-time winner in iRacing official races. Bought a steering wheel in 2010, still uses it.@toby_christie
Ron Morris Jr160676101Ron Morris RacingRon’s Race PaintsButtKickerRon Morris Racing@RonMorris76
Kyle Urbanik1582838689Lone WolfThe BrowningnonenonenoneI-racing champion in 1972@JohnnyThrust1
Mike Wiehl1580963082Mosh RacingWiehl in the SkyMagnolia Lane Estate Sales10 Years on iRacing, multiple official race wins including the 2013 iRacing Daytona 500. Two NR2003 League Championships@wiehlinthesky
Jonathan Cross157710120NSRLCross Collision and Body LLCHollywood Hopper ServiceSandy Springs BreweryWon some Official series in trucks, legends and Xfin@cross308
Bob Coe III156983225Empire State MotorsportsGTR SimulatorsHigh Burl BreweryNYS Club Mixed Series Champion 2x
NYS Club Truck Champion 1x
Jeff Bergener1563214313NSRL After Dark@
Justin Miller1561263956Last Chance RacingSim Racing DevelopmentOne Inch DesignsTunnelVision IndustriesApex Sim Racing Eseries Showdown, Absolute Product Solutions, Passons Specialized ServicesNo achievements really, just an average sim racers that just has fun racing and making friends from around the world. Apex Sim Racing Eseries Showdown admin with a ever growing league.@JustCrazy1439
George Lesko15541013310Lesko RacingCup cars Gander outdoors Sprint cars@
Bryan Perry1546629226Perry eSportsUnfit for FMPerry NetworksCurrently running with the REV Racing League.@PerryeSport
Robbie Clavey1541731829RC2 eSportsNorth South Racing LeagueP5 in iRacing Coke 600, current admin/driver for the North South Racing League, organized the Groovy Hollow 200 event for charity in October 2021@wxrobbie
Brandyn Wind152841144Wind MotorsportsESP Baseball SoftballHobson DentalBurger CityParagon, Kuhar Vision, Rage Wrap, Albanesenone@Brandynwind
Charles Cramer1527942877Juice racing3RiversVintageNo Major Standalone events.@retrojuic3
Tyler Bunting1512511525Warhawk motorsportsRetco trailersXpress SIGNSSpring Valley resortI ran races with the TRC club in project cars 2 over on xbox, then decided to come to iracing with my buddy. I joined last year, and this is going to be the first “Big Race” that I run.@
Julio Villalobos.Jr1507452178Gip TechnologyGip technologySecurity speed@jvillalobos_jr97
Chris Papa1505133331ONE3 SpeedONE3 SpeedFirst Page MediaNZXTBison Desks, StickerMule.comRace with Backfire Sim Racing League, Elite Truck Series, Roush Performance eSports events, and Bluegrass Dirt Late Model Series@onethreespeed