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On January 26th, Podium eSports will be hosting a second double elimination tournament in less than a month with the Rallycross cars and tracks of iRacing using fixed setups. The tournament will feature 80 drivers maximum, all drivers will be fighting for a spot in the Grand Final of the tournament and a chance at a share of the money being paid out. The tournament will feature a guaranteed $200 purse for 20 drivers or less. After Podium eSports receives 20 entries, $9 of every entry fee after that will go back towards the purse. So 30 cars, for example, would mean a $290 purse up for grabs.

The first 40 drivers to register and pay the entry fee will be locked-in to run in this event and then registration will be closed. Seeding in the tournament bracket will be based on Pool Play, just like other esports. Pools will be drawn in Discord before the event and a 4-round Pool Play will begin to set the Tournament Seeding.

Following Pool Play, drivers will need to finish in the top half of each event to make it to the Grand Final via the winners bracket. If they finish in the back half they’re still not fully eliminated, however, they can only make it back into the Grand Final if they can complete a losers bracket run. If a driver finishes in the back half of a losers bracket race then they’ll be fully eliminated from the tournament.

Unlike the first tournament, this event will be broadcast on the Podium eSports Twitch Channel just like all other Podium eSports Events and Series. The broadcast will kick off with the Winner’s Semi-Final Round and continue on from there covering 16 total Rallycross races, including the Loser’s Bracket as well. The only races not featured on the broadcast will be the first rounds for both the Winners and Losers Brackets.

Drivers making the Grand Final will be paid out as follows as 1st will get 30% of the prize pool, 2nd gets 15%, 3rd gets 10%, 4th & 5th will get 7.5%, 6th & 7th will get 5%, and 8th-15th will get 2.5%. Below you can find all the additional information you need concerning the event along with the form at the bottom of the page to sign up.

Registration for the January 26th Rallycross Tournament will close at 2:00pm EST on Saturday, January 26th

Event Format

Tournament Seeding: Tournament Seeding will be based on Pool Play. Pools will be drawn at Random. See info below.

Tournament Bracket:


Number of Laps / Joker Laps:

  • All Pool Play Races = 6 laps / 1 Joker Lap



    • Daytona – Short
    • Atlanta – Short
    • Phoenix
    • Tsukuba 1000 Chicane (No Joker Lap)
  • Daytona – Long = 8 laps / 1 Joker Lap
  • IRP – Night = 10 laps / 1 Joker Lap
  • Iowa – Night = 12 laps / 1 Joker Lap
  • Sonoma = 12 laps / 2 Joker Laps


  • Fixed Setup Event
  • Pool Play will be drawn based on iRatings for Rallycross, Top 4 will be drawn for Pool A, B, C, or D. Then the next 4 drivers, etc. (If we have 40+ entries then more Pools will be added)
  • Pool Play Round #1 starting line-up will be based on Qualifying
  • Every starting grid for Pool Play thereafter will be based on on a full field invert.
  • Starting Grid for the Winners Quarter Final will be based on Points accumulated in the Pool Play Rounds.
  • No Resets
  • No Intentional Wrecking
  • No stopping on the racing surface unless to reset your car
  • Drivers with an unsafe amount of damage will be parked (severe crab walking or unable to keep the car under control / at pace)
  • Drivers with bad connections will be warned then parked
  • Drivers who jump the start must come to a complete stop in a “Penalty Box” to serve a jump-start penalty. Once given the green light by an official, they will clear your penalty on the iRacing side. (Only used after Winners & Losers Round 1)

Order of Tournament Events (If 41-80 Drivers Entries, If less the tournament will be shortened)

    1. Pool Play Round #1
    2. Pool Play Round #2
    3. Pool Play Round #3
    4. Pool Play Round #4
    5. Winners Semi-Finals (4 races)
    6. Losers Quarter Finals (2 races – 10 Drivers Eliminated)
    7. Winners Finals (2 races)
    8. Losers Semi-Finals (2 races – 10 Drivers Eliminated)
    9. Losers Finals (1 race – 5 Drivers Eliminated)
    10. Grand Final (15 drivers start Grand Final)

Event Schedule for January 26th
(All times are Eastern Standard Timezone & all times are subject to change. If the event moves faster than previously planned for then we will push things up, likewise, if we’re slower we’ll push things back.)

2:00pm – Pool Draw in Discord (Not mandatory)
3:00pm – Pool Play Round #1
3:15pm – Pool Play Round #2
3:30pm – Pool Play Round #3
3:45pm – Pool Play Round #4
4:00pm – Short Break for Admins to set Tournament Bracket and Launch Winners Semi-Finals Servers
NOTE: From this point, servers will be staggered with admins calling the races
4:25pm – Broadcast Begins
4:30pm – Winners Semi-Finals Begins
5:30pm – Losers Quarter Finals
5:50pm – Winners Finals Begins
6:10pm – Losers Semi-Finals Begins
6:30pm – Losers Final
6:45pm – Grand Final

Entry Form:








    Please write out your iRacing name exactly as it appears on your account. Include any numbers you may have at the end of your iRacing Name as well. (If you have a name you'd like to go by instead, simply add that below in the comments) Please write out your first and last name as it appears on your State ID. Please list 3-5 different Car Number Choices in order of preference, you would like to use. Remember Car Numbers are first come, first serve, based entirely on payment received.