Table of Contents


1.1. Introduction

The Podium 500 is the premier special event of the year for Podium eSports and is one of the largest independent special events in iRacing. Drivers will compete using the NextGen stock cars throughout the second weekend of February to earn their place in Sunday afternoon’s 200-lap, 500-mile feature race at iRacing’s virtual Daytona International Speedway. Hundreds of drivers have participated in the past few years to take their shot at the grand prize.

1.2. Schedule

Time zone: Eastern Time. All listed times are subject to change. Practice times will be made available 60 minutes prior to the race, but drivers must be ready to advance up to 15 minutes early. This is dependent on the pace of the broadcast.

Event Date/Time Start (Practice)
Qualifying 02/02/2024 – Friday 03:00 PM (ET)
Prelim 02/02/2024 – Friday 09:00 PM (ET)
Heat 1 02/07/2024 – Wednesday 06:00 PM (ET)
Heat 2 02/07/2024 – Wednesday 07:00 PM (ET)
Heat 3 02/07/2024 – Wednesday 08:00 PM (ET)
Heat 4 02/07/2024 – Wednesday 09:00 PM (ET)
Heat 5 02/07/2024 – Wednesday 10:00 PM (ET)
Heat 6 02/08/2024 – Thursday 06:00 PM (ET)
Heat 7 02/08/2024 – Thursday 07:00 PM (ET)
Heat 8 02/08/2024 – Thursday 08:00 PM (ET)
Heat 9 02/08/2024 – Thursday 09:00 PM (ET)
Heat 10 02/08/2024 – Thursday 10:00 PM (ET)
LCQ 1 02/10/2024 – Saturday 11:00 AM (ET)
LCQ 2 02/10/2024 – Saturday 12:00 PM (ET)
Duel 1 02/10/2024 – Saturday 01:00 PM (ET)
Duel 2 02/10/2024 – Saturday 02:30 PM (ET)
Feature 02/11/2024 – Sunday 11:00 AM (ET)

1.3. Driver Availability

It is strongly recommended by Podium eSports that all drivers wishing to compete in the Podium 500 ensure they do not have overlapping commitments during the event. Example from 2023: Drivers wishing to compete in iRacing’s Bathurst 12H endurance race should select the first Bathurst timeslot to ensure they are available Saturday afternoon for the Podium 500 qualifier races.

1.4. Car Setups

All Podium 500 events use iRacing’s default fixed setups.

1.5. Announcements

For the most up-to-date information, including frequently asked questions, drivers are encouraged to join the Podium eSports Discord server.


2.1. iRacing Requirements

  • All active iRacing members may participate in the Podium 500.
  • Drivers must be registered in the Podium eSports LLC iRacing league no later than January 31, 2024 11:59 p.m. ET. Drivers are ultimately responsible for checking the league roster to confirm they are registered within the league on iRacing. Drivers who are not registered in the league will be ineligible to participate in the Podium 500 and will be eliminated from the Podium 500 without a refund.

2.2. Registration Form

  • Drivers must complete the registration form on the Podium eSports website.
  • Drivers must pay $30 to enter the Podium 500.
  • All entries are closed after January 31, 2024 11:59 p.m. ET. The first 400 entries will be accepted.
  • Drivers will be asked to submit their preferred car numbers only for the feature race. A driver’s car number will be ultimately assigned at Podium eSports’ discretion. If you are utilizing custom numbers, Your paint scheme must reflect the number that has been assigned to you.


3.1. Overview

  • All paint schemes must abide by the Twitch Terms of Service, Trading Paints Terms of Service, and the iRacing Paint Policy.
  • A driver’s default iRacing scheme will be shown on the broadcast if Podium eSports deems such driver’s paint scheme to be outside the guidelines listed above. Drivers whose paint schemes are disallowed under these grounds are subject to further penalties upon review from Podium eSports.

3.2. Feature Race

  • Podium eSports will not use Trading Paints on the broadcast for the Feature race. Drivers who wish to have custom paint schemes appear on the broadcast must submit their *.tga file(s), including spec maps, directly to Podium eSports. Podium eSports will have a form available for the drivers who qualify for the feature race in advance of the feature race.


4.1. Session Settings

Race Information

  • Session Name: Podium 500 – <Event>
  • Host: Podium eSports LLC


  • Generate Weather: Disabled
  • Dynamic Sky: Enabled (Disabled for Qualifying)
    • Weather conditions will be set based on the forecasted weather conditions of the real track at the time of the session


  • NASCAR Cup Series Next Gen
    • iRacing Fixed Setups (daytona_2011_oval.sto)

Track Options

  • Enable Start Zone: Enabled
  • Fast Repairs
    • Prelim, Heats, & LCQs: 1
    • Duels & Feature: 0
  • Green/White/Checkered Attempts
    • Heats: Unlimited
    • LCQs: Unlimited
    • All other events: 3

Race Options

  • Car Incident Limit
    • Prelim, Heats, & LCQs: 17x limit
    • Duels & Feature: 17x warning, 25x limit
  • Qualifying Conduct Scrutiny: Severe

Track Conditions

  • Leave marbles on the track: Enabled
  • Practice Starting Track State: 25%

Time of Day

  • Time of Day: 12:00 p.m. (Qualifying)
  • Date: <Day of Event>

4.2. Session Advancement

  • Qualifying: All drivers will complete qualifying or they will be placed in the rear for their first race. Drivers should only join one qualifying session, otherwise their slowest time will be used. The top 2 drivers are locked in and will lead the start in the Duels and Feature. More than 40 drivers may be in a duel or feature if the top 2 qualifying drivers don’t advance through finishing order.
  • Prelim: Drivers under 1,500 Asphalt Oval iRating at the time registration closes are required to participate. Drivers who do not complete 67% of the race (20 laps) or are DQ’ed from incident points will not advance. All other drivers will advance.
  • Heats: Qualifying times will determine the initial heat placements. Schedule restraints may alter the placement if necessary. Top 5 advance to the Duels, P6 – P13 advance to the LCQs. All other drivers are eliminated.
  • LCQs: Top 14 advance to the Duels. All other drivers are eliminated.
  • Duels: Top 20 advance to the Feature. All other drivers are eliminated.

Heats 1 – 5 > LCQ 1 > Duel 1

Heats 6 – 10 > LCQ 2 > Duel 2

4.3. Session Schedule

  • Prelim
    • Practice: 1 hour.
    • Qualifying: 2 laps, 5 minutes.
    • Race: 1 hour, 55 minutes time limit.
    • Special Note: Caution laps will not count.
  • Heats
    • Practice: 1 hour. Each heat may advance early if the previous race finishes early (1 hour interval.)
    • Race: 30 laps, 1 hour time limit.
  • LCQs
    • Practice: 1 hour. LCQ 2 may advance early if the previous race finishes early ( 1 hour interval.)
    • Race: 30 laps, 1 hour time limit.
  • Duels
    • Practice: 1 hour. Duel 2 may advance early if the previous race finishes early (1 hour 30 minute interval.)
    • Race: 60 laps
  • Feature
    • Practice: 1 hour.
    • Race: 200 laps


5.1. Overview

iRacing’s Terms of Service may be enforced by Race Control. Race Control reserves the right to enforce the competition rules listed below. Penalties for violations are at Race Control’s sole discretion. Podium eSports reserves the right to issue additional penalties for items not covered in these rules for actions deemed detrimental to the brand.

5.2. Race Etiquette

  • 5.2.1. Drivers shall remain on the racing surface. Below the yellow line is considered part of the racing surface. The grass is not part of the racing surface. Any wreck which ensues from track re-entry from the apron is open for review and may be deemed the fault of the off-track driver.

    5.2.2. Drivers shall not engage in elongated drifting, donuts, or any other actions deemed to be unprofessional.

    5.2.3. Drivers shall reset their cars off the racing groove if necessary.

    5.2.4. Drivers unable to control their car in a racing manner, such as excessive car damage or car blinking, may be asked to park their car, black flagged, or removed from the race.

5.3. Radio

  • 5.3.1. Radio communications shall remain clean during the race. Drivers are responsible for their crew members.

    5.3.2. Drivers may use the radio the announce the following in a calm and positive manner:

    • Hazards on the track (Wrecks, check-ups, etc.)
    • Entering or exiting the racing groove.
    • Drivers blinking or teleporting.
    • Lead car suggesting upcoming traffic where to go.
    • Requesting Race Control to review a violation of iRacing’s Terms of Service or event competition rules.
    • Any item, in good faith to the competition, not specified against the event competition rules.

    5.3.3. Drivers may not use the radio to announce the following:

    • Requesting a damage report for their car.
    • Placing blame on a driver.
    • Any item in bad faith to the competition.
    • Idle chatter (Use the discord server)

5.4. Starts/Restarts

  • 5.4.1. iRacing’s Start/Restart zone will be utilized. 

    5.4.2. All drivers must maintain pace speed until the leader begins to accelerate.

    5.4.3. Drivers must maintain their line until passing the start/finish line.

5.5. Accident Avoidance

  • 5.5.1. Drivers may use the apron or pit lane to avoid an accident. Black flags will be cleared in such cases, but the driver shall not enter their pit box until the designated time to do so.
  • 5.5.2. Drivers stall make an attempt to slow down during a wreck. Drivers found racing through the wreck and causing further incidents may be penalized.

5.6. Flags

  • 5.6.1. Race Control controls all cautions.

    5.6.2. Black flags shall only be cleared when Race Control confirms the black flag was received in error.

    5.6.3. Race control will not clear disqualifications or “meatball” flags.

5.7. Post-Race Etiquette

  • 5.7.1. Drivers may be asked to report to Race Control following a race and shall abide by the request.
  • 5.7.2. Only the winner is permitted back to the start/finish line on a cool-down lap. All other drivers must return to pit road the next time by or park and tow in a safe manner.
  • 5.7.3. Race Control may review all incidents after the race concludes.

5.8. Disqualification

5.8.1. Drivers disqualified from the event are ineligible for a refund.

5.8.2. Failure to follow the competition rules and Race Control’s requests will disqualify a driver.

5.9. Race Control

Race control will operate on a “3 strike rule” and assess each caution to determine the cause of caution. Unless deemed a racing incident, the penalties are as follows:

  1. EOL Penalty
  2. Drive through penalty
  3. Parked (Disqualified)

Members may use the Podium eSports discord channel #support-ticket to submit a protest or appeal.


6.1. Overview

  • 6.1.1. Drivers must take the green flag in order to receive prize funds.
  • 6.1.2. Payouts are guaranteed with a 250-entry minimum. Payout ratios may be maintained on an entry count below the 250-entry threshold.

6.2. Race Payouts

6.2.1 Heat Winner: $50 for 250 entries

6.2.2. Duel Winner: $250 for 250 entries

6.2.3. Feature Race:

Position250 Drivers
11th – 15th$75
16th – 20th$50
21st – 25th$40
26th – 30th$35
31st – End$30

6.3. Sponsors

6.3.1. Davis Motorsports – $50 to the top finishing driver in the feature utilizing Podium’s Discord Craig bot & driver cam ( Drivers must utilize the application during all events present to be eligible. Audio may be used for radioactive content. Details on using the application can be found in the Podium Discord server.


7.1. Links

7.2. Podium eSports Staff

  • Managing Member:  Ryan Bauer
  • Director of Competition: Brandon Davis