• Every Monday Night (all times Eastern)
    • The Pro Session will open at 7:00pm ET for Practice, 8pm Qualifying*, 8:10pm Grid for race event.
    • *Road courses will be Group Qualifying and start at 7:55 pm ET – Tire limits will be determined on a race by race basis and communicated to drivers pre event along with being announced in pre-race briefings – 75% fuel limit
    • Race lengths will be announced weekly for the Pro Series.
    • Each Race will have a time limit of 1.75 Hours regardless of the amount of laps set for the event.
    • +3 Playoff points per victory will be given to drivers which will reset every round in the postseason.


    • The race may conclude with a green-white-checkered finish with 3 attempts. – On the green flag lap and there is a multi-car accident, race control will throw caution and we will attempt this until the leader takes the white flag.
    • If the driver in 1st crosses the line on the white flag lap, drivers will race back to the finish line.
    • There will be no overtime finish for races that end under exceeding the time limit.


    • The wave around system will be automated by the iRacing wave-around system based on the NASCAR real-life procedures.
    • One driver will be eligible for a Lucky Dog Wave around each caution. This driver will be manually scored as the lucky dog and issued the wave around prior to pit stops.


    • All Cautions will be manually thrown by race control at race control’s discretion.
    • Drivers will be given every chance to move off the racing surface to continue the race.
    • If the single driver blocks the track and can’t move, the caution will be thrown.
    • Incidents at Road Course events will result in local yellows unless race control determines the incident is significant enough to warrant caution.
    • Stopping on track or purposely spinning in the racing line to bring out the caution will NOT be tolerated and will result in penalties including up to disqualification from the event along with future MNR events.
    • If you have damage that makes your car undrivable and/or makes steering difficult and you have to stop, communicate to Race Control and RC will require you to park at the next safe location and tow back to the pit lane.


    • Each driver is allotted a total of 8 caused incidents for the entirety of each season.
    • Drivers will receive an incident point if they are determined to be the cause of the incident resulting in a caution or crash of another competitor.
    • Drivers are allotted 2 incident points per race.
    • the first incident a driver receives in a race is added to the season tally but is considered a warning for that race.
    • If a driver receives a second incident point in the same race they will be disqualified from the event.
    • Incident points accumulate over the season.
    • Once a driver has accumulated 8 incident points they will be subject to removal from the league for the current season. Incident points reset at the end of every season.
    • Intentionally wrecking a competitor during a race will lead to a penalty equal to a 1 lap penalty and the competitor will lose receiving the laps back that they lost due to the incident or disqualification from the race and possible removal from the league.
    • If said intentional incident occurs on the final lap, the penalty will be applied to a time penalty and would be applied post-race  depending on the severity of the incident as judged by race control.


    • If battling for the win, the #2 driver wrecks the #1 driver on the last lap *on purpose* per  race control, the field will race back to the line.
    • If the #2 driver wins the race, the driver running in 3rd place at the time will be credited with the win. The #2 driver will be penalized for “avoidable contact” and will be placed as the last car on the lead-lap post-race.


    • Under NO circumstances, may a driver go below the yellow/white line on ovals to advance your position.
    • If a driver goes below the line to advance his spot, he will be assessed a pass-through penalty
    • If this happens on the last lap, he/she will be put in the last position on the lead lap..
    • A driver may go below the line to avoid a crash or spin on the race track.
    • On restrictor-plate tracks, drivers may not go below the yellow/white line to advance their position.
    • If a driver goes below the line to advance his spot, he will be assessed a pass-through penalty,
    • If this happens on the last lap, he/she will be put in the last position on the lead lap.
    • A driver may go below the line to avoid a crash or spin on the race track.


    • With the changing car and track combinations from week to week, we do realize that course cutting can be used to gain an advantage at certain tracks and that it is amplified by certain cars. In addition to that, MNR does accept that course cutting and off-track excursions are inevitable in some car and track combinations.
    • Definition of cutting the course is all 4 tires off of the racing surface to gain an advantage.
    • Limits on course cutting are as follows: Acceptable to avoid a wreck, acceptable if the driver that cuts the course slows to serve the slow down penalty.
    • However, while some car and track combinations on iRacing allow the driver to ‘ignore’ the slowdown penalty, failure to comply with the slowdown penalty could result in a ‘stop-and-go’ pit stop and/or a post-race time penalty at the discretion of race control.


    • Drivers will be granted 1 fast repair per race.


    • For season 6 there will be a 12-driver playoff format for a 7 race postseason.
    • In the regular season, IF a driver wins he/she will be locked into the postseason.
    • The remainder of the field will be locked in on points.
    • If a driver wins a race, he/she must enter at least 5 of the 8 regular season races and be in the top 30 in points to be eligible for a playoff spot.
    • At the end of the regular season, the regular season champ will be awarded by +5 points with 2nd +4, 3rd +3, 4th +2, and 5th +1 – Playoff tiebreakers will be determined by the best finish in the round. – For each round points will be reset, while any playoff points will carry over round to round.
    • The Championship 4 format will be set “NASCAR style”


    • Initial start of the race will take place when iRacing displays the automated green flag.
    • If the track has an automated designated restart zone the leader must follow the automated instructions for restarting the race within the restart zone.
    • For tracks that do not have an automated restart zone, the leader will restart the race at their discretion anytime between when the pace car leaves the racing surface and the displayed green flag.
    • Leader will get lane choice on all restarts including the initial green flag.
    • Drivers that change their line before the start finish line will have a pass through or EOL penalty depending on when the penalty is issued.
    • If a driver asks for a black flag to be cleared, R.C must ask the reason for it.


    • Drivers will have access to ONE drop race the entire season.
    • That drop will be used for a drivers worst finish or a race that a driver did not compete in depending on which is credited as a worst finish.
    • All-Star/Open format will be announced at a later date.
    • Drivers that are found to have a bad connection (blinking) will be given a verbal warning.
    • After a 2nd warning for blinking the driver will be given one last chance to find a solution before being penalized on track.
    • For the 3rd notice of blinking drivers will have the choice to drop to the tail end of the field or be given a drive through penalty.
    • Any further warnings for blinking can result in further penalties including up to disqualification from the event.
    • Drivers must be mindful of what they say in voice chat as actions will result in drivers being muted in race up to penalties in the current and future MNR events.


We at Monday Night Racing are a fun, but competitive league where NASCAR industry members come together to race. While the league resembles a real-life NASCAR format, we do expect competitors to have fun and race in the spirit of the league. If we determine a competitor to go against our motto and the spirit of the league, we may penalize them accordingly.

This rulebook is subject to change and any changes will be communicated to league members through discord and the twitter group.