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Monday Night Racing has seen exponential growth of its first five seasons of content. MNR Started during the pandemic as fun place for auto racing industry workers, media members and drivers to race and have fun. We have continued to grow thanks to the help of our partners and dedicated leadership team. Below is some highlights and information for those looking to partner with us as we continue to grow.


It's taken off, which is really cool

Kyle Busch
Monday Night Racing knows how to make an impression. With an average of a little over 550,000 impressions a month, Monday Night Racing has accumulated over 6.67 Million Impressions on Twitter the past 12 months. (Oct. 21- Oct. 22)
Profile Visits
Impressions convert to visits, and visits convert to loyalty. Monday Night Racing has a loyal following of not only Sim Racing and exports enthusiasts, but Real life athletes and influencers.


Similar to Monday Night Racing's twitter, Podium's twitter is highly impressionable. Totaling 2.2 million impressions in the past 12 months. Throughout the MNR seasons and off seasons, Podium is creating and sharing tweets centered around the league, races and other content.
Profile Visits
Podiums Profile visits over the past 12 months have amounted to just over 300,000. Monday Night Racing and Podiums impressions combine to over 9 Million impressions and over 750k profile visits. This provides an extensive amount of value to all of our partners through twitter.

Who Follows us?

Natalie Decker


Dale Earnhardt Jr.


Frankie Muniz


Mike Clay


Bernard Pollard Jr


Podium's Twitch channel has over almost 16,000 followers and growing. Every time we go live we are pushing our content to those followers.
Podium's Twitch is the main home currently to Monday Night Racing. AMNR averages around 1200 live viewers per broadcast.

We Know Content

Monday Night Racing content lives all over the internet, but our growing YouTube presence is where the longer more unique content lives. The MNR YouTube channel is home to more unique content, like race clips and driver interviews, while we work with other channels to present our races to larger audiences.

Total Race Views
Podium has been Monday Night Racing's broadcast partner since Season 2. Together they have grown MNR to what it is today. Podium's YouTube channel has served as a secondary arm in broadcasting MNR races. Even as a back up, Podiums YouTube channel saw 16,413 and growing views on Monday Night Racing races.
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Out Of The Groove

Monday Night Racing teamed up with Eric Estepp to create the Out of the Groove Prerace Show and bring the entire MNR Season 6 playoff live on Eric's Channel. Over the course of the 7 race playoff stretch our partnership with Eric helped drive an additional 67,200 total views on our races. Creating more opportunities for activations for our partners.
Streaming to Facebook is a way to reach more unique viewers for our broadcast and content. It makes view, sharing and interacting with our posts much easier. We find a lot of our partners are willing and prefer to also embed the broadcasts directly into their feeds as well.
Across both Monday Night Racing and Podium's FB Pages we have almost 6,000 primarily organic and engaged followers, making for the perfect platform for our partners looking to find partnership engagement through our content.