Podium eSports is seeking a Sales Representative to join the team. The Sales Representative position is responsible for prospecting new business opportunities and partnerships for Podium eSports, both in person and though alternative forms of communication (phone, email, etc.). In this position, the Sales Representative will sell advertising space for Podium and promote Podium as a fast-growing company in the world of esports. 


  • Increase revenue through the proactive sale of customized packages, primarily to both small-scale and large-scale corporate partners.   
  • Promote the mission and goals of Podium eSports to current partners and potential partners in order to capitalize on revenue-generating possibilities. 
  • Identify and prospect new partners both in-person and through alternative forms of communication to increase Podium eSports’ revenue and business network. 
  • Create and construct proposals to send out to potential partners and facilitate contract negotiations. 
  • Maintain and manage existing partnerships. 
  • Ensure that the goals and objectives of Podium eSports partners’ are met by working closely with each partner. 
  • Develop new partnership programs to increase revenue. 
  • Work closely with creative team to development partnership elements. 
  • Work closely with and report directly to Podium eSports’ Managing Members to understand the organizational culture. 
  • Generate ROI reports for Podium eSports and its partners. 
  • Report directly to Podium eSports’ Managing Members. 
  • Evaluate prospecting methods on a regular basis based upon developments in the marketplace and make changes as necessary in order to maintain effectiveness of prospecting. 

Applicants should send cover letters and resumes to admin@podiumesports.com with the subject title “Sales Representative Candidate”. Cover letters and resumes should be attached in PDF format. Any applications containing an incorrect subject line or attachments not in PDF format will not be considered.