Overall Driver Rankings Debut: Monday Night Racing

Podium eSports is proud to present to you the inaugural set of Monday Night Racing Overall Driver Rankings for season 5 drivers. Below you will find the rankings for each driver who is competing for points in season 5.

On June 27th at 8 PM EST, Monday Night Racing will head to the Charlotte oval for the next race of the season and we encourage you to tune in on the Podium eSports Twitch Channel to witness all of the action.

How are the ratings determined?

A few different factors determine the overall driver rankings for Monday night racing.

First, we look at the last 7 races that Monday Night Racing has run and compare certain race statistics such as laps led, average finishing position, wins, top-10 finishes, and DNF results. These are combined on a weighted basis to form a driver’s recent races score. This ensures that drivers are rewarded for their activity and that their recent performance is considered in addition to previous results or success in the early seasons of Monday Night Racing. The recent races score is weighted at 50% in the equation to calculate a driver’s overall ranking.

This stat is weighted in a way so that consistency is rewarded, and race wins are not necessary to score well. In fact, the driver with the highest recent races score in the last seven weeks is David Schildhouse, who has 0 wins in the last 7 races. In the past seven races, David has scored in the top 10 six times and has led 82 laps. The six top-10 finishes are more than any current season 5 MNR competitor, and the 82 laps led is 3rd most behind Adam Cabot and Rajah Caruth. While a race win would certainly boost his score, his performance proves a win is not needed to score well in this category.

Next, we break down every Monday Night Racing race in history by track type. The five different track types are Intermediate Tracks, Superspeedways, Road Courses, Short Tracks, and Dirt Tracks. Each track type will factor into your overall ranking respective to the number of races held per track type. Let’s take a look at that breakdown:

Intermediate Tracks35
Road Course13
Short Track7

This would mean that a drivers ranking on intermediate tracks will carry more weight than on short tracks or dirt races as very few Monday Night Racing events have occurred on those track types.

A great example of this would be Maxwell Kennon. Max has very high marks in his short track and dirt track rankings, which are the two least run race types. On the flip side, his road course and superspeedway scores are in the 70’s. Since those tracks occur more often on the schedule, the higher weighting of them is part of the factor in Max having a driver ranking of 83 despite having recent success.

The next factor is what we call a drivers focus score. This stat is simple, we look back at the last ten races and find the winners of those races. A driver earns two points per win towards their focus score. This means that Anthony Alfredo and Presley Sorah for example for 4 points each for their two victories in the last ten races. Let’s take a look at the focus score of drivers with victories in the last ten races.

Anthony Alfredo4
Presley Sorah4
Collin Fern2
Will Rodgers2
Ryan Vargas32
Maxwell Kennon2
Rajah Caruth2
James Bickford2

The last factor that affects a drivers overall ranking is the champions bonus. Season 4 winner Adam Cabot receives a 5-point boost for his accomplishment of being MNR season 4 champion, while Will Rodgers and Robby Lyons receive a 3-point bonus for being champions in the past.

So the formula looks something like this: An average of recent races score on a weighted basis + each track type results on a weighted basis + focus + championship bonus.

MNR Overall Driver Rankings for season 5 drivers

Now that we’ve explained the process of how the rankings are made, here is a look at the overall rankings of drivers running for points in season 5. A blank space means that a driver has not recorded any results for that track type, and typically a score of 55 or lower means that a driver has not run enough races at the track type to be provided a fair score.

Editors’ note: Due to formatting concerns, this table is being presented as an image

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