Getting to know Road to Pro: Max R Brady

Editor’s Note: Over the next few weeks, we will be profiling and featuring drivers that can be seen on the Road to Pro Qualifying series broadcasts on the Podium eSports Twitch channel. We hope you enjoy reading these and learning about the drivers. This time we have sat down with Max Brady. You can view all of our Getting to Know profiles on this page.

What was the first racing game you ever played?

The first NASCAR game I played was Nascar ’15 on the Xbox 360. I actually league raced on there for about 3 years with some buddies. I made great memories and friends in which I still talk to today.

When did you first discover iRacing and what got you hooked?

I watched iRacing YouTube videos for a couple years before I could get into it, creators such as Micheal Abrams and Kevin O’Keefe. I remember thinking how cool it was that I could race so many vehicles and tracks that were not on the Xbox game I played.

How did you get connected with your current team that’s assisting you in Road to Pro?

The team I race for right now is Lowline Racing. Which is connected with Elliott Sadler eSports. My good buddy Blaze Crawford is on ESE and told me to fill out an application to Lowline Racing. I ended up doing that and was accepted. It has been an amazing experience so far

Who is your favorite race car driver? And why?

I’d have to go all time with this cause right now I don’t really root for anyone. My all time favorite driver is Jeff Gordon. I don’t really know why I chose him but when I first started watching NASCAR as a kid (2009) there was just something about that iconic 24 that I really liked. He is definitely an idol to me though. Just how successful he was and how he never gave up made me like him even more.

If you could go to any racetrack and watch a race live, where would you want to go?

Probably back to the Daytona 500. I went this year with a bunch of buddies and it was some of the most fun I’ve had in my life. The whole atmosphere and the races leading up to it is something everyone should try to experience live. It’s truly amazing.

What is a skill or talent that you have that not many people know about?

I actually used to swim competitively when I was younger. I did that for about 8 years from 1st to 9th grade. During that time I was able to qualify for state competition a couple times. Once I decided to race Legends cars, I gave up swimming.

For anyone watching you race, who wants to end up where you are, what advice do you have for them?

My advice is just keep working on your race craft and try to meet people that can help you. Also, find a team to be a part of. It took me a while to meet the right people and they helped make me as good as i am today. So I’d say just keep working on those things and they can be where I’m at right now.

If you want to learn more about Max, you can follow him on Twitter by clicking here. You can watch Max and others race in the Road to pro series on the Podium eSports Twitch Channel