Getting to know Road to Pro: Parker White

Editor’s Note: Over the next few weeks, we will be profiling and featuring drivers that can be seen on the Road to Pro Qualifying series broadcasts on the Podium eSports Twitch channel. We hope you enjoy reading these and learning about the drivers. This time we have sat down with Parker White, You can view all of our Getting to Know profiles on this page.

What was the first racing game you ever played?

The first racing game I ever played was NASCAR The Game 2011. I remember receiving the game as a Christmas gift and I didn’t stop playing it all day. I remember I would always race as my favorite driver at the time (Dale Earnhardt Jr.) at Richmond. Daytona and Talladega were also favorite race of mine, because I thought the way drafting worked in that game was cool, especially with the rivals feature they had.

When did you first discover iRacing and what got you hooked?

Around September 2019 I discovered iRacing, around the time the then Peak Antifreeze series (now Coke series) finale was. I then got iRacing in late October and have fallen in love with it since. I got hooked in 2020 when quarantine started, as I had lots of time to be active on the service.

How did you get connected with your current team that’s assisting you in Road to Pro?

I got connected with my current team (Norse Force Racing) in late August 2021, one of their former drivers recommended me to the team. At the time I got the message about joining the team I, was in a discord call with some of my friends. I wasn’t sure at first at first because of the state NFR was in, as they had just lost some of their main setup builders. I knew I was looking for a team that could build competitive setups, however I decided to take the offer and see what would happen. Once I joined, I immediately knew I made the right choice. NFR was way more professional than the other teams I had been with, and I worked very well with everyone right from the start.

Who is your favorite race car driver? And why?

Kyle Busch is my favorite current race car driver; I like the way he drives on track. I believe that he has a lot of talent and show it regularly. Also, i admire that he won’t put up with anyone messing with him.

If you could go to any racetrack and watch a race live, where would you want to go?

If I had to choose one racetrack to go to and watch a race live, I would choose Daytona. Daytona has always fascinated me as a kid, especially since I used to go to Florida every year and talk to one of my mom’s friends who would always go to races at Daytona. I loved hearing those stories

What is a skill or talent that you have that not many people know about?

Most people that I hang around on iRacing don’t know that I am into aviation (planes). I am currently taking flight lessons and should be doing my first solo flight within the next few months.

For anyone watching you race, who want to end up where you are, what advice do you have for them?

My advice to them is watch twitch streamers, such as CaseyKirwan, Justis, BriarLapradd, and anyone else that has a lot of experience on iRacing. Watching twitch streamers helped me pick up on things that helped me get faster. It won’t come quick; it will take time. Keep it at though and you will get better.

If you want to learn more about Parker, you can follow him on Twitter by clicking here. You can watch Parker and others race in the Road to pro series on the Podium eSports Twitch Channel