Tucker Minter wins Road to Pro race at Richmond

As seen live on the Podium eSports Twitch channel, Tucker Minter put on an amazing performance at the virtual Richmond Raceway. After he put his Logitech G Altus eSports truck on pole during qualifying, he carried that momentum, which allowed him to visit victory lane in the 4th race of the 2022 Road to Pro Qualifying series. 

Minter, the Virginia native, led the first 50 laps of the race holding off multiple challenges from multiple drivers before opting to take tires under the 2nd caution, therefore relinquishing the lead. Minter restarted 20th on lap 58, and showed his dominance by slicing back through the field at a rapid rate.  As Podium commentator Devon Henry pointed out during the broadcast, while the 17 lap newer tires were helping Minter, his pure talent was showing through. With 22 laps left, Minter drove his Chevy Silverado back to the lead and went on to win the race. On the last restart of the night with 5 laps to go, Minter quickly pulled away from Alex McCollum and never looked back. “I had been feeling really good since Friday or Saturday….” Minter said in a post race interview in reference to practicing for this race.  

Minter adds his name to the list of winners.

With the victory at Richmond, Minter has added his name to the list of drivers who have won a top split race in the 2022 Road to Pro Qualifying series. Minter joins the likes Santiago Tirres and teammates Jordy Lopez Jr. and Seth Demerchant as drivers who can say they have claimed victory. As we enter the fifth race, the question becomes will we have a 5th different winner at Bristol, or will one of these four skilled drivers be able to claim victory, and be a repeat winner?

A big risk by Kenny Brady

After a caution with 31 laps to go, all drivers came down pit road for service and what most assumed would be 4 brand new tires. Kenny Brady however, bucked the trend, taking right side tires only and pulled off pit road with a 9.1 second stop into the race lead. Prior to this decision, Brady had been riding in 13th place. On the restart Brady benefitted from a late start by Alex Mccollum on the outside, but eventually was overtaken by multiple cars with four fresh tires. When the checkered flag flew, Brady finished in 15th place. 

A Rough Night for the previous points leaders

Coming into this race, the points lead in Road to Pro saw Andrew Navarro, Jordy Lopez Jr. and Kenny Brady in the top three positions. These three drivers finished 27th, 125h and 15th respectively. Navarro found himself in an early incident on track and appeared to struggle afterwards, while Lopez and Brady flirted with the top 10 throughout the evening but finished outside of it. Following this race, your new top three in points are Seth DeMerchant, Christopher Hill and Justin Knoblock.

Looking ahead

The next race on the schedule is at Bristol, known to some as the last great colosseum. This track has the likelihood of seeing more than 4 cautions, the most in any top split Road to Pro race so far in 2022. Some may say that the current points leader Seth DeMerchant is an odds-on favorite after winning this race last year, but as we know, anything can happen at Bristol. You can catch the race live on the Podium eSports Twitch channel at 9 PM EST on Thursday April 14th.