PEYTON, Colo. – Podium eSports, the new home for the best competition in sim racing, will launch on January 2nd, 2019. 

Podium eSports is an all-new company that has been formed by veterans of the sim racing community. Podium aims to move sim racing beyond the current model of leagues and broadcasters and help realize sim racing’s full potential in the world of eSports.  

To accomplish this goal, Podium eSports will become one of the first sim racing companies to feature fully-integrated competition and broadcasting divisions from launch. Combining these divisions within the same company will allow Podium eSports to bring in more revenue for drivers, teams and partners, which will also allow for larger purses and competitions in the future.  

All races in any of Podium eSports’ series will be broadcast live on the Podium eSports Network. The Podium eSports Network will be available primarily on Twitch.tv. 

Podium eSports will begin 2019 with two series. The Podium eSports Elite Series will feature iRacing’s Class A stock cars, while the Podium eSports Truck Series will feature the Class C trucks. More information will be announced at a later date.

“In developing the Elite Series and Truck Series, we’ve evaluated what has worked and what hasn’t in the past to better accommodate the drivers who are ultimately putting on the show each week,” said Podium eSports’ Chief Competition Officer Kyle Barnes. “I think they’ll be extremely pleased with what we’ve put together and I can’t wait to see it on track in 2019.”

Drivers and teams interested in learning more about Podium eSports are invited to visit their website at www.podiumesports.com. Registration for the Podium eSports Elite Series and Truck Series is available on the Podium eSports website. 

About Podium eSports 

Podium eSports, the home of the best competition in sim racing, is scheduled to launch in 2019. As one of the only companies in sim racing to combine its competition and broadcast divisions within the same company, Podium is uniquely positioned to transform sim racing in the world of esports and help sim racing realize its full commercial potential. All Podium eSports races are broadcast live on the Podium eSports Network, which can be found primarily on Twitch.tv. For more information, visit www.podiumesports.com.  

Media Contact 

James Pike
(336) 413-9004


2019 Podium eSports Elite Series Schedule 

Date  Track  Time of Day  # of Laps  Sets of Tires 
January 3rd  Daytona ‘07  Afternoon  80 (20 for Duels) 
January 10th  Daytona ‘07  Afternoon  140 
January 17th  Las Vegas  Late Afternoon  167 
January 24th  Irwindale Outer  Afternoon  250 
January 31st  Iowa  Night  200 
February 7th  Dover  Afternoon  200 
February 14th    OFF     
February 21st  Homestead  Afternoon  150 
February 28th  Belle Isle  Afternoon  60 
March 7th  Bristol  Night  200 
March 14th  Texas  Afternoon  167 
March 21st  Myrtle Beach  Night  200 
March 28th  Road Atlanta  Afternoon  50 
April 4th  Milwaukee Mile  Afternoon  150 
April 11th  Gateway  Night  200 
April 18th  Lucas Oil  Afternoon  200 
April 25th  Daytona  Night  100 
May 2nd  Laguna Seca  Afternoon  56 
May 9th  The Bullring  Night  250 
May 16th  Charlotte All-Star  TBA  TBA  TBA 
May 23rd  Charlotte Oval  Night  200 
May 30th    OFF     
June 6th  Darlington  Late Afternoon  219 
June 13th  Richmond  Night  200 
June 20th  Martinsville  Afternoon  200 
June 27th  Talladega  Afternoon  100 
July 4th    OFF     
July 11th  ISM Raceway  Night  175 
July 18th  Rockingham  Afternoon  175 
July 25th  Atlanta  Afternoon  200 


2019 Podium eSports Truck Series Schedule 

Date  Track  Time of Day  # of Laps  Sets of Tires 
January 6th  Daytona ‘07  Afternoon  100 
January 13th  Las Vegas  Late Afternoon  133 
January 20th  Irwindale Outer  Afternoon  150  2 (Halfway) 
January 27th  Iowa  Night  150 
February 3rd  Dirt Track at Charlotte  Night  100 
February 10th  New Smyrna  Night  150  2 (Halfway) 
February 17th    OFF     
February 24th  Belle Isle  Afternoon  50 
March 3rd  Bristol  Night  150 
March 10th  Texas  Afternoon  133 
March 17th  Myrtle Beach  Afternoon  150  2 (Halfway) 
March 24th  Lucas Oil  Afternoon  200  2 (Halfway) 
March 31st  Dover  Afternoon  175 
April 7th  Barber Short A  Afternoon  70 
April 14th  Gateway  Afternoon  160 
April 21st    OFF     
April 28th  Eldora  Night  100 
May 5th  The Bullring  Night  200  2 (Halfway) 
May 12th  Charlotte Legends  Afternoon  200  2 (Halfway) 
May 19th  Charlotte Oval  Night  200 
May 26th    OFF     
June 2nd  Darlington  Afternoon  219 
June 9th  Southern National  Afternoon  200  2 (Halfway) 
June 16th  Martinsville  Afternoon  150  2 (Halfway) 
June 23th  Talladega  Late Afternoon  75 
June 30th  ISM Raceway  Night  175 
July 7th  Rockingham  Afternoon  173 
July 14th  Atlanta  Afternoon  200 


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